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Web Site Hosting and Storefronts It takes a long time for a new web site to enter the marketplace and build traffic. It may take months for search engine submissions to turn into search engine listings. Letting OnlineHobbyist host your website in one of our communities is one of the best ways to shorten your web site's time to market and immediately begin seeing traffic.

Our communities are topic based so that the users coming to each community are already looking for products and services in your market. If you already have your site hosted at another provider you can take advantage of these benefits as well by purchaseing a storefront page. We price our hosting competitively so for what you are already paying you could be hosted here. Please click here to view our hosting and storefront page rates and start getting traffic to your web site now!

Banner Advertising Looking for that targeted marketing solution and the search engines aren't helping? Are the banner advertising rates of Yahoo, Deja and other big companies cost prohibitive? Do they lock you into contracts too big for your business?

Our banner ad rates are priced for the small business with contracts that are affordable Users coming to each community are already looking for products and services in your market. This allows you to target your marketplaces more specifically, reaching viewers who are already interested. Please click here to view our banner rates and start getting more traffic to your web site now!

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